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What Is Stamping Nail Art?
Stamping nail art is a new craze all you nail freaks will adore. You can customize your manicure in minutes with 100′s of one of a kind designs which would generally only be out there in nail salons.

1. Its quite uncomplicated you pick the image you want from your Nail Art Image Plate.
2. Apply the nail stamping polish.
3. Quickly remove excess nail polish with your Nail Art Scraper.
4. Press Stamp onto image then apply to your nails.
You can apply a clear leading coat to make your designs last even longer.
There are hundreds of image plates to choose from you can get little starter kits or bigger advanced kits you can also invest in image plates, polish and the nail art stamper and scraper separately.
The finest of nail colours can be put to shame if the shape and nail plate is not in good condition. The nail polish will fail to give the desired smooth shiny result if the nails are not effectively kept. In short, the ‘canvas’ that you are going to paint on must be smooth and well shaped. Smoothness can be very easily achieved with a leather buffer utilized on the nail, point to bear in mind here is that the buffing strokes have to be accomplished towards the no cost edge, i.e. in the direction of the nail growth. In no way use steel files or nail cutters to cut nails as they can damage the nail plates resulting in shattering and causing grooves.
Constantly use a generous helping of cuticle cream to eliminate the dead skin and hang nails about your cuticles. Use a stick covered with wool to push the skin back to give that extra protection.


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