Natural nails,Natural Nail Care For Your Nail

Natural Nail Care For Your Nail
Nail care as properly as hand care has to be constant. It really should not finish at the beauty salons but slip into your household. A healthy nail has to be strong, flexible and pink. In some cases nails problems mean some wellness problems.
If you minimize a small bit your nail care the spread nail skin effortlessly tears and modest scratches seem. If they are not disinfected immediately (with iodine, unique liquid, brilliant green or manganese crystals) it can lead to purulent infections.

The nail structure is hereditary but it can change under the influence of external elements (environmental conditions, nutrition, improper care, job habits). In order to have healthy nails, the nutrition has to correct, food has to be diverse and include the necessary vitamins and minerals. Nails grow at the average 2mm a month that is why it take half a year to grow it back.

For proper nails care you have to do manicure (classic, European, hot or difficult) at least twice a month. The place option for the manicure is up to you. It can be a beauty salon, good friend or your self. If you like to do manicure on your own or decided to try it your self, you will want special manicure set. It consists of quite a few files, substantial and small cutting pliers, nail scissors with little, curved blade, cuticle pusher and orangewood stick. There is no doubt that all these issues have to be kept clean. You can boil them, clean with spirit or cologne.

Let’s examine the structure of a natural nail

Nail plate (the portion where nail polish is applied on), which is the visible part of the nail and is lifeless. It consists of keratin, which is like porcelain enamel of a solid matter and is situated in a nail bed.
Nail bed. A nail bed is protected from feasible trauma and infections by a nail wall or cuticle.

Matrix. The most essential component of a nail. This is an intercellular material at the base of a nail bed, from where the nail comes from. Occasionally matrix can be observed as a white hole. There are life nail cells which, when dying, come to a nail plate.

Natural nails care consists of

1. Matrix nourishment. Get nourishing massage for your nails. It will strengthen your nails, boost metabolism, soften nail walls and your hands will look properly-groomed. The nourishment is performed with the aid of a nail cream.

2. Softening. A finger bowl with hot water and foamy stuff (liquid soap, liquid for classic manicure) will soften the rough skin about your nails and will serve as a relaxing agent for hand muscles.


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