Mikayla Miles

Mikayla Miles is a 6'4" Amazon Goddess.and the World's Tallest Fitness Model.

Mikayla Miles is an internationally renowned model in the fitness, fetish and fine art industry. She is passionate about sharing her strengths and Light with the world. Mikayla has travelled the world affecting the lives of those who meet her. She has over eleven years of experience as a model and enjoys entertaining and inspiring others through her work. Mikayla is not only a model but is also well known for her amazing teaching and life coaching skills.
Part of Mikayla's mission in life is to teach others to find acceptance in themselves, be comfortable with their own bodies and find and live their passions and their joys. She asks, "What lights you up? How do you want to be living your life fully?". Her inspiring life story is part of her reason for being a part of this industry. Mikayla loves sharing not only her body and mind with the world but also her amazing spirit!

Name: Mikayla Miles, the World's Tallest Fitness Model
Height 6'4" (1m92)
Measurements at 220lbs (toned) 100kg
Neck 15" 38.1cm
Biceps flexed and hard 15.5" 39.37cm
Biceps unflexed 14"5/16 36.35cm
Forearm 13.5" 34.3cm
Elbow to Fingertip 22"1/8 56.2cm
Wrist to Fingertip(Hand Length) 9"3/4 24.77cm
Wrist 7"1/8 18.1cm
Fist width 4" 10.16cm
Long finger length 5" 12.7cm
Thumb length 3"5/8 9.2cm
Ring finger size 10 ...
Neck to Waist 24.5" 62.23cm
Shoulder Span 18"3/8 46.67cm
Eyes: Seductive Green
Hair: Light Brown/Blonde
Sign: Pisces March 19th
Residence: Colorado
Occupations: Fitness and Fine Art Model, Fitness Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Colon Hydrotherapist, Nia Teacher
Education: BA English and Elementary Education. MA Business Management, varying degrees and certifications in Fitness, Yoga, Massage, Energy Work, Life

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