Elena Seiple

Elena Seiple (born December 17, 1973) is an American bodybuilder and strongwoman.
Seiple was born in 1973 in Harmony, New Jersey.

Seiple began her bodybuilding career at Gibsons Gym in Washington, New Jersey. She began competing before 1999 at shows other than NPC at a weight of 120 lbs,she also competed in the NPC Women's Strength Extravaganza, placing 2nd in the Middleweight category. Her career highlights include 2nd at the NPC Nationals four times and 3rd three times. She competed in the 2006 World's Strongest Woman, held in Poland, placing 9th at a weigh of 163 lbs. Her personal bests are 500 lbs in the squat, 315 lb in the bench press and 475 lb in the deadlift.

Contest Bio
2008 Nationals - 1st Lightheavyweight (Pro Card)
2007 Nationals - 4th Lightheavyweight
2006 NPC Nationals - 2nd Lightheavyweight
2006 NPC Nationals-3rd Lightheavyweight
2006 NPC Eastern USA-1st and Overall LightHeavyweight
2006 USA Strongman Nationals -2nd Place Heavyweights
2006 World Strongman Championships
2006 Hudson Valley Strongman Championships - 1st Heavy
2006 Central Jersey Strongman Championships- 1st Heavy
2006 Stronger than All - 2nd Heavy
2005 NPC USA - 2nd Lightheavyweight
2004 NPC Nationals 2nd Lightheavyweights
2004 APA Powerlifting- 1st (1255 total) and Best Lifter
2003 NPC USA-3rd Middlweight
2002 NPC Nationals-4th Middlweight
2001 NPC Nationals-3rd Lightweight
2000 NPC Nationals-2nd Lightweight
2000 NPC East Coast- 1st and Overall Lightweight
1999 NPC Eastern USA- 1st and Overall Middleweight
1999 NPC East Coast-2nd Middleweight
1999-NPC Womens Extraveganza- 2nd Middlweight
1998- USNBA Mid Atlantic-1st and Overall Lightweight
1997-USNBA Mid Atlantic-2nd Lightweight
1997-USNBA Wildwood- 3rd Lightweight

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