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The biggest mistake often committed by people is they choose both eyes and mouth. While applying makeup you have to opt only either for eye or mouth.
  1. If you are opting for lips, always try to opt for red lipstick and not for the brown one as the older ones only used to have it. Red is always preferred for the proms and it is hot for the proms.

  2. While choosing red lipsticks, be confident whether your eyes makeup is soft and simple. The lips are to be hydrated with beeswax or lip balm to give a better look. This is done because lipstick looks so nice on hydrated lips.

  3. While opting for eyes, check with liner, shadow mascara and even false eyelashes and go with it but make a note whether you have stick with light lips covered with a light gloss. Smoky eyes have always been a great look for the proms.

  4. To have a natural look always prefer the golden eye shadow and apply it from the inner to the outer corner of the upper lid until the crease .using a brown pencil the upper eyelid is marked and smudge it softly with a cotton bud to have deepness in the eyes.

  5. Using a special brush, do the similar procedure for mascara to comb your eyebrows. Apply mascara primarily to tip of lashes and move on to the roots in a zigzag manner to have an even appearance. The texture of mascara should not be too dense to prevent the sticking of lashes together.

Makeup Tips For TeensMakeup Tips For TeensMakeup Tips For Teens
The Perfect Skin Tone :

The most important thing than your makeup is perfecting your skin tone. Perfecting your skin tone means you should not have a look that you have went for a makeup. If your skin is having acne or uneven skintone, you have to mould up with concealer and foundation.
Foundation :
  • It is just the foundation how better you use while applying an oil free cleaning/hydrating lotion on the entire surface of the face and down the neck.

  • It plays a safety role in having a hydrated complexion

  • To avoid the flat look, cover foundations only on the areas of discolored and the blemishing area .always goes for a foundation that fits to your skin and combines them perfectly along the line.

  • Apply concealer along the eyes such that it should be well smudged. Do this with a larger brush dust on some powder to set the concealer.Leave it free till applying eye shadow.

Note Before Posing for a Snap : Be sure your lipstick is applied linearly and always have a mirror before going for a pose. Never forget to apply powder for the oily areas like forehead, chin and nose before giving a pose. It is better preferred to keep blotting papers in the bag or your wallet. Always try to give a pose such that your look is ten pounds thinner from the original.


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