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Asian women force their small eyes pop just like the white people from the west. They use too much effort in the eye makeup to achieve a Caucasian look but unfortunately it is not a good practice at all. The eyes that Asians have are very exotic and charming. We will be giving you tips on applying makeup for Asian eyes to emphasize and draw focus to those little eyes without making them look bigger. These Asian eye makeup tips will enhance the natural beauty of your eyes instead of making them look bigger.
The first thing that you will need to get the best Asian eye makeup is the brow bush. It is used to apply eye shadow to the brows. It usually has stiff and angled bristles that are short. Brushes that have a mix of natural and synthetic bristles are better than those that are synthetic as it doesn’t spread the color evenly to the brows.
A brow lash groomer is used to comb and separate the lashes after putting on mascara. It has two sides, one that has soft bristles and the other one has a fine comb. The concealer brush is small and has a firm bristles and has a narrow end. The best bush has to be soft and glossy synthetic bristles because it just slips smoothly on the skin. An eye shadow brush needs to have soft bristles enough to cover half of the eyelids. It should have uneven edges that can cover the lower eyelids.
Another tool you will need to achieve that Asian eye makeup is the eyeliner brush. It comes in different sizes. The best brush is the one that has a fine brush with firm bristles for precise application. To have a smoky look you will need a smudge brush which has soft bristles and a small rounded head. An eyelash curler can make your lashes look more luscious and you have to curl them first before applying the mascara so that it won’t break.
When applying makeup, avoid using black for Asian skin. It is best to use lighter colors like dark brown or mahogany. You can also trim your eye brows to highlight the makeup. Use colors that match your hair color. When applying the shadow, you have to follow the flow of the hair.
When applying eye shadow, don’t use darker colors as it may make your eyes look smaller. Light colors and are great to use for Asian eye makeup. Use a light shade first then apply darker shade on the bottom lid. Remember not to darken the application as it can make your eyes recede.
Eyeliner is a must for Asian eyes. Other make up artist don’t use mascara anymore so that the eyeliner can focus the eyes by drawing a line as close as the lashes.
Curl the lashes then apply mascara. Apply it close to the base of the lashes to make it look natural. After applying mascara, comb the lashes to avoid clumps.


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