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Girls who have green and hazel colored eyes can accentuate their eyes in a number of ways. We have Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes that can surely make one stand out.
These girls who have hazel colored eyes have the best eyes there is. You can use a lot of shades that can complement their patterned irises. You can make hazel yes look romantic, classic or sexy. You can explore and experiment with hazel eyes to highlight and Accentuate the hazel colored eyes. You can use and play around colors with hazel colored eyes.
One makeup tip for hazel eyes is to use an eyeliner to outline the lids, both the upper and under lids of the eyes. Ideally black or dark brown would look great with hazel eyes but you can also use an eggplant shade of purple can bring out the natural beauty of the eyes and it can also draw the attention of many. Aside from a colored pencil, a white eyeliner is another alternative that can brighten your eyes and can give the eyes a retro look. To keep the eyes as the focus of your face, apply a light makeup and avoid dark colors. You can use an apricot gloss or rosewood instead of dark colored makeup.
Another makeup tip for hazel eyes, especially those with green eyes, would be to play around bold colors. Those who have green eyes can play around vivid and bold makeup shades. Those with brown eyes or blue eyes may be flashy with pink or purple eye shadow. Greens eyes can look exotic with a vibrant color.
The eye shadow base should complement the tone of your skin in order to enhance the true color of your eyes. Then, create a rainbow effect by using vibrant shades of different tones on the upper lid, along with the brow bone, and finish it with the darkest color. Avoid using blue eye shadows on green eyes because it contradicts the color instead of complementing the other.

Makeup Tips for Hazel EyesMakeup Tips for Hazel EyesMakeup Tips for Hazel EyesMakeup Tips for Hazel Eyes
Another makeup tip for hazel eyes focuses not just on the eyes but also with other parts of the face. With the proper application, you eyes will become the focus of the face and it can enhance the beauty of your eyes. To highlight green eyes even without eye makeup, the right lipstick is all that is needed to enhance the eyes. You can use a lip color or lip gloss that has a little shine or sparkle on it. It can add a sexy effect. You can use lipsticks with colors of Mauve, Berry, Pink, Poppy.
Always remember to consider your skin tone, the color of your eyes, and the clothing you will wear. Purple enhance hazel eyes. Adding a touch of gold and green on your clothing can even focus your hazel eyes. Try to avoid colors like gray, blue, and orange hues. For professional advice, you can visit a cosmetic counter and talk to a sales associate to get the right colors for your eyes.


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