Make Your Nose Appear Smaller And Narrower,Make Your Nose Appear Smaller And Narrower

No doubt, we pay lots of attention to our appearance, especially our noses. As a rule, nearly none of us is satisfied with her own nose. Those of us who have bigger, crooked and longer noses, are really tired of them. So here come the great makeup tips and alternatives to plastic surgery, which help to render a seemingly smaller impression of a nose.
Apply powder foundation that is two or three shades darker than your regular foundation on either side of your nose, so as to create a shadow effect. Your next step should be to swipe down the bridge of your nose with a highlighting pen making a contrast of light and dark. You should remember that this highlighting technique works well only in subdued light.
The places covered with dark powder foundation will look smaller. So if you have wide nose, you should make sides of your nose darker. In case of long nose, you should darken the tip of your nose, and for crooked nose straight lines on sides will work.
  • Make your lips plump and expressive by applying bright lipstick or make expressive eyes using dark shades and pencils. The point is that thismakeup tips will draw the viewer’s attention from your nose. Still, you should avoid simultaneously having dark eyes and bright sexy lips. As the viewer will, by all means, notice your nose when traveling from your eyes to your sexy lips and vice versa.

Apply blush closer to your nose and make it look smaller. Use berry shades if you have dark skin, light pink blush for white skin, golden pink for olive skin and brown shades for tawny skin along with appropriate powder foundation.
Another technique is wearing a nose right, which is obviously less painful and less scary than plastic surgeries. This technique entirely differs from the above mentionedmakeup tips. Yet, this is an optimal solution as well. So wash your face to clean it from all types of oils. At the same time, apply astringents like witch hazel. Put the nose right in the area of concern and keep it for 15 minutes every day. A more reasonable option is to wear it at night. You’ll see the slightest effect in two weeks. However, you should consult your doctor before using it, as it does not work with every type of nose. It is most effective for bulbous noses.
Enjoy the new look of your brand new nose without having any concerns about your appearance.


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