Right Blush Color For You

I strongly believe that blush is a must for anattractive face.
Eyes enhance your nature, lips — your sensuality, but still femininity is best underlined by a few skilled brush strokes.
The blush can either enhance your skin beauty or spoil it. While choosing a blush color you should bear in mind one thing: it should be natural and subtle.
Before going for makeup tips, consider your skin type. Trust me it’ll better prompt you which one to choose. So here are the skin types and the colors that will work great on them.
Cool skin tones – This skin tones include some kind of underlined shades of blue or green, so the soft blush tones such as rose, pink and coral will add warmth to the face.

Warm skin tones — This skin tones include an underlying tone of red or orange, so you should avoid reddish colors not to look red-faced. Instead, brown hint will give a fresh flush to your attractive face. Rich colors like peach, dusty rose, rose and pale cranberry will be a great choice for hot women with warm skin tones.

Yellow skin tones — This skin tone covers the shades of Olive or Asian skin tones, which have the underlying shades of yellows. To give more healthy and lively look apply warmer pinks and plums and you’ll have an attractive face without pale undertones.

Dark skin tones – Dark skin tones have an advantage of trying bolder blush shades. As far as these skin tones have tan or reddish undertone, bronze, apricot or raspberry blush shades will maintain the beauty of your attractive face. But if you have a sexy chocolate black skin, then make it even more attractive by magenta or gold blush shades.

If you still have doubts on choosing your right blush color, then read these simple and basic makeup tips — they will help you find the blush color that will look naturally stunning on your cheeks.
  • The simplest way to know, which your blush color is — pinch your cheeks, wait a few seconds and the flush that appears on your face is your right blush color.

  • Another simple way is to come home (after being outside on cold weather), and  immediately look into the mirror. Do you see your cheek color? That’s the color your blush should have.

  • Match blush color with lips: if you don’t know which your blush color is, then your lipstick might help you. If rosy lipsticks go well with your face, then rosy blush tones will work great on your attractive face. The same is true about brown shade lipsticks, and accordingly, the brown tone blushes. 

So get your perfect blush color, and never say that no blush goes with your skin type, it just means that you haven’t found it yet. 

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