Top French Lipsticks,Top French Lipsticks

France is a dream country for many people. Many young men and women dream to have their first kiss in the city of love — Paris. Perhaps that’s why I always associate things like drama, seduction and romance with this most beautiful country. And this is the only reason why I have focused on mainly French lipsticks that will look absolutely great on your sexy lips.
French cosmetics have always been leading in fashion history and some brand names sound like legendary gurus. I don’t know any woman who has not used French cosmetics at least once in her life. Here I am putting together the best French lipsticks that will make complete your appearance and make your sexy lips more alluring.

Lancome Paris — A French cosmetic brand, which has been owned by L’Oréal since 1964. The slogan of this brand is to deliver French elegance into every corner of the world. Lancome lip cosmetics have a huge collection of lipstick shades. Lancome lip cosmetics not only make your lips look sexy but also make them soft and kissable. Products like Pro-Xylane and SPF 12 will protect your lips. Last year, on its 75th anniversary, Lancome launched a new Limited Edition L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick, which is available in only one color — Caprice 132, the perfect red lipstick.

Guerlain — Another historical French cosmetic house. It is the very first commercial manufacturer company of lipsticks. Try Guerlain’s Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick. It contains a ruby powder that refracts light and gives your sexy lips a smooth effect. Rouge G de Guerlain came in 25 shades both neutral and bold. It’s been already two years that the collection was launched, but it hasn’t lost its popularity.

Dior — Dior cosmetics stand out with their superior quality and affordable prices. The most popular and always modern Christian Dior lipsticks are the CD Addict High Shine and the Red Dior lipstick, which is ideal for bloody lip color. If you prefer Dior cosmetics, then choose not only lipsticks but also lip-glosses, lip balms and lip-liners. Trust me they will add wild femininity and sensuality to your sexy lips.
This is my top list of best  French cosmetic brands and lipsticks. Keep up with these trends of the fashion capital,  and you’ll give your lips the touch of French seduction.

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