Finding Sexy Plus Size Clothing

If you look at most media today, you might think that it’s impossible to be sexy unless you’re skinny like a fashion model. But the media doesn’t know everything. While some people find waifish women attractive, there also happen to be plenty who love curves. Whatever your size, however, there is an art to looking sexy and without looking trampy. But those guidelines are easy to follow whether you’re small, large, or in between.
First, understand the difference between “fitted” and “tight.” Cut with correct sized arm opening and sleeves that neither billow nor cling, sexy plus size tops almost always have an attractive neckline, such as a sweetheart, v- or shawl collar neckline. And you can get these styles cut fairly low or high, depending on how comfortable you are showing cleavage. Fitted tops should flare out a bit at the hem so that they don’t cling to your tummy. This makes them great for wearing with skinny jeans and slim trousers and skirts.
And speaking of skinny jeans, yes, plus size women can look very sexy in skinny jeans. The key is getting the right size. Nobody looks good in skinny jeans that are too tight, period. Find jeans that fit your waist or hips, whichever is larger. It does not cost much to have the too-large dimension taken in, but letting garments out is generally much more difficult and expensive. Understand fit, and you’re more than halfway to a great sexy look.


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