Tips for Buying Plus Size Shoes

Women who wear plus size clothing often need plus size shoes as well. While they may wear standard sizes, they may require widths that are not always available in the styles they want. Therefore, if you require shoes in wider widths and have a major event coming up, start shopping for shoes early. Great shoes can not only make your outfit better, they can save you from the agony of having to wear ill-fitting shoes for an occasion.
When you shop for shoes, be sure to wear the type of hosiery you plan to wear with the shoes so you can get the best fit in the store. Shopping in the afternoon, when your feet have spread to their normal width, will help you avoid shoe buying mistakes. Make sure shoes fit in the store. Shoes don’t “break in” and they won’t fit you at home if they don’t fit in the store, so don’t waste your money.
Always try on, and once you know what size and width you wear in your favorite brands, you can search online to compare prices and sometimes get better deals and selections. If you wear not only wide shoes but large sizes that are difficult to find, the website is a great resource for finding difficult to find sizes. Make your shoes an investment, and take good care of them, and your feet and your wardrobe will be better for it.
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