The Basics of Choosing a Plus Size Suit

Plus size suits consist of a jacket or blazer and a skirt or trousers. The traditional suit colors for work are neutral, conservative colors like navy blue, charcoal gray, and black. But you don’t have to limit yourself to these colors. Darker jewel tones like amethyst and slightly different neutrals like dark olive green look beautiful yet project professionalism.
Suit jackets or blazers don’t necessarily have to be the type that button. Swing jackets, wrap-style jackets, and even zippered jackets are sometimes parts of suits and are sometimes more flattering than traditional blazers.
Suit slacks can be terrific for work when you don’t have to wear skirts. They tend to be a bit easier to move about in, and work with flats or heels. Choose slacks with straight rather than tapered or flared legs to last through several trend cycles in style.
Suit skirts should fall to the knee or slightly below. A-line skirts are usually flattering. Pleats and ruching tend to look busy and can make your bottom half look bigger. Generally, simpler skirt styles look better and weather trends better.
Look for retailers that sell suit pieces separately so that you can get each piece to fit as well as possible. If you’re dropping serious money on a suit, consider having a tailor adjust hems and sleeve lengths to get a perfect fit and make your suit look its best on you.


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