Eyeshadow Tips For Eyes That Dazzle

Dazzling eyes can surely make a striking impact. But while everybody has beautiful eyes, enhancing them with eyeshadows will make them more impressive even further. It is rather amazing to know what colors can actually do to alter the shape and size of one’s eyes. Light colors, for instance, will highlight the eyes, while dark colors will tend to make the eyes appear shrunken.
Usually, you will be needing at least three shades of the same color.Eye shadows come in all kinds of colors and shades. They may also come in powder or cream form. There are powder eye shadows that may be used either wet or dry. Cream eye shadows may be used to blend with powder eyeshadows. And they are best applied using your own fingertips. Whatever you desire to choose, you will still be needing at least three shades, with the lightest shade serving as your base, and the darkest shade as the shade that will give your eye its eventual shape.
Starting from the lashline to just below the brow, cover the area with the lightest shade. This becomes your base shade, and it works a bit like a foundation in that it holds the rest of the colors together, preventing them from creasing. Then, use a medium shade for your lower lid. This should blend well into your base shade. Next, accentuate your eyes, particularly the part along the lash line and somewhere at the outer corner of your eye, with the darkest shade. Blend well.

If you want your eyeshadow to look fresh for hours, a concealer may do just the trick. Apply some neutral concealer on your eyelid before applying the base shade.
Going to a night out with friends? Glam up instantly by employing the same procedure but highlighting your eyes with iridescent powder!


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