How to apply Eye Make up tips to look stunning

You really do not need a trip to the salon to achieve a look that is movie-star quality. You can practically look stunning and gorgeous in just a few easy steps.
First, face yourself in the mirror. Do you eyebrows need some shaping up? If so, pluck away those unwanted hair and shape your eyebrows according to your desire. The shape of your eyebrow is an important consideration when choosing the right colors and eye makeup technique for your eyes later on, so it is always best to do this before you begin the actual makeup process. Next, hide those blemishes with a neutral-colored concealer. Give particular attention, too, to the dark circles under your eyes. Then apply some foundation on your face, blending it well with the concealer. The color of the foundation must mimic your exact skin tone. Too dark or too white will make you look fake or unreal. Top this off with a loose powder.
Now, you are ready to work on your eyes. Choose at least three shades of eyeshadow. They may not be necessarily of the same color. The important thing is to have a lighter shade, a medium shade, and a darker shade. Use the lighter shade as base shade. This should cover the are under the eyebrow. Use the medium shade for the crease, and the darker shade to line the upper eyelid. Next, use an eyeliner to accentuate and define your eyes further. Draw a thin line across the upper lid and the lower lid, and soften the effect by smudging it with a brush.
Then, smile. The work is hardly done yet. But smile anyway to locate your cheekbones. This is where you should apply the blush to give your face a healthy and pinkish glow. Finally, define your lips with a lip liner and fill it in with your favourite lipstick, using a lip brush to spread the color evenly.


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