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Pop star Rhianna has become showing off a great hairstyle in recent weeks. Her most common hairstyle is style that curves to the side with a large open area on the left part of the head. The sides are short while the bangs are used on the front to help with creating a greater amount of recognition and a good look at her body shape. The hair is not always straight but that is used to give the hair its own unique appeal.

The fashion that Rhianna has been wearing is of an urban style with some dark colors around it. A big part of her fashion was found at the 2010 Grammys when she wore a ruffled Elie Saab white gown.

All of these fashions are used alongside bold eyeliner. This eyeliner will be dark in its design and large enough to where it will be easier for a woman to show off her eyes to people.

It can even be used with a design that is used to allow the eyes to look as wide in size as they can possibly be. This is a true hallmark of Rhianna’s fashion profile that makes it all the more attractive.

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