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Pop and country sensation Carrie Underwood has a unique sense of style. The first part comes from her appealing blonde hair. Her hair is usually neck length and will straddle the shoulders. This design will include a part on the side of the scalp that will not be too extreme. Waves are used at the bottom parts of the hair as well.

The fashion style that Carrie Underwood features can be varied but can be especially appealing. For example, most dresses worn by Underwood are ones that cut off a few inches above the knees. This short length will be used to accentuate the legs.

Thecolorsused in Underwood’s designs are varied but will generally be vibrant in terms of how they look. These include velvet dresses with shining accents and ones with floral accents. These are smooth and appealing dresses for people to see when trying to take a look at different kinds of dresses.

All of these will work with great heels. The heels that she uses in her fashion outfit generally feature little to no covers on the top parts of her feet. Also, the heels will be of standard sizes and will not be tooexorbitant

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