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Women love shoes. Just check out those clodhoppers on a grossly overweight Mary Kate Olsen and you'll see what I mean. They look awful and uncomfortable. I'll bet she paid good money for them too. She should spend more on food and less on footwear.

Personally, I don't get it, because most of the shoes women go ga-ga over are miniature torture chambers.

Last year, after I lost my dollar at a casino here in Las Vegas, my wife and I were entering an elevator to the parking garage when I heard a distressed woman's voice.

I held the door open so a young woman, who was limping badly, and being somewhat helped along by her friend, could enter the elevator.

As soon as they entered she kicked off her shoes, took a deep breath, and said, "I thought I was going to die because of those shoes."

My wife responded with, "They're very nice; only the best ones hurt."

The young masochist smiled broadly, beamed like a lighthouse, issued an overly enthusiastic, "thank you," and then a lively discussion about shoes ensued among the three women.

When there was a momentary break I said, "You should wear new shoes around the house a little bit everyday until they're broken in before you wear them outside."

All I got for my well intentioned remark was silence and cold stares from the three of them.

I don't get it.

Anyway, I'm a guy and we're not supposed to understand women, so I'll just lead you to the shoe stories.

Here's some current celebrity shoe favorites with the actual celebrities, such as shoe fanatic Sarah Jessica Parker, actually wearing them.

The warrior-likeness design of these shoes has inspired many young celebrities to opt for the gladiator sandals. The knee high design is one of the most selling types of shoes as they are thought to be a sign of a strong woman. This design is one of the most popular amongst celebrities too, as I am sure you’ve noticed.

Another type of gladiator sandals, which is becoming rather popular, is the gladiator bootswith pointed heels. This boot looks sexy yet classy when used with matching outfits. Thus, it is very vital to choose the right outfit for your particular gladiator sandals. Skinny tight jeans are the best option to wear with all kinds of boots to look more trendy and stylish, and these boots are no different.

The best place to search for the knee high or boot type gladiator shoes is the Internet. Online portals provide a range of these shoes to choose from. There are several types of shoesavailable in the market,


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