TREND REPORT: The Scrunchie Makes A Comeback As “Hair Furniture”

The hair scrunchie has been a definite fashion out since Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) on Sex And The City fought with her guy-of-the-moment, Jack Berger, about the long suffering hair accessory.  As a brief recap, Carrie pointed out Jack’s inappropriate use of the so-over scrunchie in his latest novel. Carrie tries to convince Berger that the hair accessory is just so not a New York thing. It wasn’t then, and it hasn’t been for quite some time.
Until now.  Marc Jacobs as decided that it is time the scrunchie has a high fashion comeback and has shown them towering on top of models heads down the runway.  Now along with his blessing comes the new more chic title of the accessory as “hair furniture” from Vogue Magazine.  What is “hair furniture”?  No, it’s not furniture made from hair as you would first expect.  It’s the idea that your head be dressed with massive adornments.  The UK Guardian gave this description of hair furniture:
‘ Hair furniture – as opposed to hair clips, combs or bands, you understand – has bulk. It suggests proper upholstery – something grand and tasselled and uncompromising; something that needs chutzpah and good posture to be carried off. The mantra is essentially the bigger the better and the more the merrier – after all, why use one bobby pin when you can use 12. ‘
galliano medalion headress
All this talk of high fashion and “hair furniture” brings me back to the one trend that I can actually see making a comeback out of all of this: the scrunchie.  That is why I decided to do a  Just JudyJudyJudy poll.  Would you wear a scrunchie again?  After years of being fashion fodder is having Marc Jacobs declare the scrunchie “in” again enough for you to travel back to the 90′s and put a srunchie in it?  Vote now.

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