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Short Hairstyle Picture

Woman who have long hair have often dreamt at one time or another of cutting off those golden locks and having a short hairstyle. There are plenty of short hairstyles to choose from. Those with a round face should stay away from very short blunt styles. However, a very short hairstyle above the ears often suits those with petit, small faces.

What Short Hair Style to Choose?

For Round Faces: Woman with round faces often find that a short bob just below the ears or a page boy style is a good choice of short hairstyle for them.

For Thin Faces: In case you have thin face, you can choose a short hairstyle just below the ears with a fringe.

For Curly Hair: Those who have extremely curly hair may do best to choose a style on the shoulders rather than a very short hairstyle.

With age a short hairstyle is a great choice for many women as their hair turns grey. Short hairstyles can always be jazzed up in the evening with a glitzy diamond clip, or if it is the summer time, with a flower in the hair just above the ear.

You can always make a short hairstyle more interesting by adding a color or highlights. Blond highlights to jazz up mousy hair in a short hairstyle and auburn or chestnut highlights to jazz up brown hair.

Short Hairstyles Tips

It is just as important with a short hairstyle to keep your hair in good condition. It should be cut regularly to keep it in shape by a competent hairdresser who can advice you on the style that suits you best. If you play lots of sports often opt for a short hairstyle.

Keeping hair short in length is the perfect choice for people who like playing tennis or swimming.

Of course you may worry what will happen if you have long hair and you then regret changing to a short hairstyle. Well, do not fret your hair will always grow back in a few months and in the mean time you can always use hair extensions to give the impression of long hair.

Latest Pictures for Short Hairstyles

This short curly hairstyles can be created by using some styling products like mousse, gel and spray. This hairstyle goes well with all kind of occassion.

This short sleek bob haircut look very stunning. Here the tresses are side parted with chin length and the ends are flip up looks very fabulous.


In this short hairstyle the tresses are trim near the ear. It adds lots of volume at the top and gives a funky look.

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