2012 Fashion Hairstyles Trends – Bun Hairstyles

Making a hair bun is easy to do yourself, and a simple way of getting a classic hair updo that will keep you cool, fix bad hair days and give you a chic hairstyle.

Ladylike buns are a celebrity favorite. When you can afford your own at-home stylist, you can leave the details to a professional, but for those of us who want a glamorous, easy updo we can handle ourselves, a few tips are necessary to pull off this great do-it-yourself hairstyle.

Choose Your Look

First, decide what kind of look you’re after. A Friday night happy hour with the girls calls for a casual, even messy look. This is not the time to pull out the hair gel. You want to look like you secured a bun to your head without even bothering to check the mirror, even if you’re an obsessive beauty who doesn’t go out without several re-checks. An elegant look is great for a job interview or presentation, and a hot date calls for an attention getting romantic sexy bun. Don’t sweat it. These tips will have you throwing your hair up and getting out the door in no time.

Casual Bun

This updo really can be done without a mirror, and works on almost any hair length.

Rake your fingers through the front of your hair, gathering it all into a pony at the middle of the back of your head.

Hold the pony against your head with your left hand, and with your right, casually twist it to the end.

Wrap the twist around the base until you’ve reached the end.

Secure as needed with either pins or a claw.

Leave a little hair sticking out from your pin for some sassy movement, and you’re done.

Well, today we introduce the method of Casual Bun hairstyle, it is easy, right? So, you can try to make it yourself, and next time, we are going to introduce you another two types of bun hairstyles, see you next time.

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