Plus Size Fashion Makes Great Strides in Style,Plus Size Fashion,Plus Size Fashion

It took until 2010 for one of the top fashion designers in the world (Marc Jacobs) to finally realize that making clothes in sizes larger than 14 made a lot of sense. Millions of women wear plus size fashions and they want to wear gorgeous clothing just like smaller women. It seemed to take forever, but the industry realized what an untapped market plus size fashions that were flattering, on-trend, and great looking could address.

With the advent of more current and flattering fashions available for larger women, these consumers are happily discovering that some of those “don’ts” from years past no longer apply. As in, “I can’t wear that because it’s belted,” or “I can’t wear that because it’s a geometric print.” Maybe those styles weren’t available before, or perhaps someone once decreed that larger women shouldn’t wear belted styles, but that was then.
Larger women do not all have the same figure type, and that is news to a lot of clothing makers. Like smaller sized women, women who wear plus size fashions have different needs according to the particulars of their figure. Plus size fashions no longer relegate women to dowdy, frumpy, “old lady” clothes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with style if you’re bigger than a size 14. You might amaze yourself with how hot you look in styles you never thought would work.


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