Angry Strikers Fans want the Strikers to play with Huevos! By Burrito

Burrito not write in long times cause he peed-off with Los Estrikers!
The team is playing like poopoo! They need to play with huevos! Don't they know who used to wear the Red and Gold? Don't they know Burrito's compadre Ray Hudson used to wear #4? Or that Teófilo Cubillas used to wear #10?
Burrito ponders, Burrito chews on chew toy, then bites an old chicken bone, then back to chew toy... No, nobody tell them Burrito thinks... Nobody tell them the Strikers once had the great George Best or Der Bomber Gerd Müller. No, if someone tell them then maybe the players would play with their corazones!
Burrito not the only one mad at the Strikers.

Here a carnal called Pabony (like a pony but with an A & B) Rivera even makes up a word for how bad these putos play. "Whooreotious" or somethings like that.
Listen here:
Whooreotious by Pabony-Rivera

Pero that not the only bitching being done in Strikerland, No señor! Here Burrito's amigo and one time Afusionados President Andrew Hazelton talk about how he want to change the pinche U.S. Soccer Federation! That how much he think los Estikers are sucking! Here is a little of what Andrew says on his article called "Where do we go from here?":
"The reality is that professional clubs should create professional players. Universities should create scholar athletes and youth soccer programs should create youth soccer players. To each its own responsibility and they don’t mix well. And it is the dysfunctionality of the league system, allowed by an irresponsible Fed - that is the root cause of the lack of professional player development."
Read more at MiamiSoccerFan

Burrito hate to mention Bigsoccer, since those putos give Burrito a red card and kick him off the Estupid forum. (They just hate Burrito cause he get all the bitches!) Pero on the Strikers Forum you can read how everyones want the coaches head! (Pobrecito). You can check it out HERE

So, finally El Presidente Pieter Brown and Uncle Ed had a bitch festival on the Miami Ultras Alive radio show on Monday. Everybody and their momma called in. Burrito let you listen here:
Listen to internet radio with Miami Ultras Alive on Blog Talk Radio

Ok, so now Burrito gonna nap and dream with his girlfriend and everyones favorite mamacita Hope Solo! Burrito hope USA women beat France mañana! Don't forget to watch the game at noon on Galavision.

Burrito also hope them pinches Strikers can beat the Montreal Impact tomorrow! You can see the game by going to

Ok amigos, hasta los Huevos!

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