Difference between scarf and stole

scarf is a piece of fabric, long and short, that can be draped at different positions and in different ways at the neck or head. Some innovative ways to wear versatile scarves include draping at the waist or wrist for a haute and chic look. A scarf is typically worn for reasons like mannerism, cleanliness and also for warmth at cooler regions.
Stoles are bigger scarves. They are on the same lines as of a scarf.

Difference between scarf and stole

As clothing item, both; scarf and stole are usually used as an accessory to complement an outfit and reflects a high fashion statement. They also come under the protective line of clothing as they offer warmth and protection under the sun, wind, heat, dust, etc.
There are different parameters in which we can define, describe and differentiate between the two clothing items that are generally based on the same concept to serve almost the same purpose yet stand apart from each other.

Difference between scarf and stole (2)
  • Size: The major difference lies in the dimension of the garment. Scarves are smaller in size. Even two scarves and stoles may vary from each other in size and shape.

  • Length: The length may be same for the two. A scarf is generally smaller than a stole.

  • Width: The width mostly makes for the difference. A scarf is generally wider than the stole.

  • Material: Material remains quite luxurious, chic and expensive for the two. They can be almost the same for the two. However, for summers and winters the materials do differ. A scarf is generally made of a lighter material. A fur stole is quite popular and makes for a high fashion statement.

  • Weight: Scarves are light in weight and construction.

  • Drape: Stoles generally hand down the neck at the front whereas a scarf is typically worn over the head.


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