Business attire accessories for women

New to the world of white collared job and desperately want to create a lasting impression about your prim and proper look in the new business attire you especially bought for the occasion? Recently got a promotion and are expected to wear only business attire to work? Have an important business meeting and confused about what to team your attire with? Well, we have the most well researched and to the point article about how to accessorize your look?

Accessories to make your business attire more impressive

Watches for your business attire

A must for all business women, these accessories come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Though most of us do not feel the need to wear one these days, with the cell phone fulfilling our need to check time, a watch is preferred to be worn with business attire.
business attire accessories womenChoose a style that is a classic and preferably feminine, not sporty or casual. Usually digital watches are considered casual and it would be good while choosing a watch accessory to go in for the more conservative model. Dials could be big or small, but nothing too flashy. The strap ideally should be either of leather in staple colours or metallic steel – not gold or anything too flashy again; avoid fabric or cheap leather imitation straps. If you are dealing with overseas business clients in a different time zone, perhaps it would make sense to invest in a watch which has the added feature of displaying multiple time zones


This is a tricky area. On one hand, the fashionistas in us, would want to wear the latest trends, on the other, and remember this very clearly, anything big, chunky, flashy and noisy is totally out.
So what is hot and what is not when it comes to business jewellery?
business attire accessoryThe ground rule while choosing business jewellery should be less is more.
  • Opt for statement pieces, preferably in precious metals and nothing too flashy. Diamonds, small coloured stones, natural pearls and crystals, set in white and yellow gold or platinum are the next best choice after plain, simple pure metallic ornaments which are the most preferred to wear.

  • Avoid dangling, noisy jewellery such as charm jewellery or bangles. Opt for simple, small and classic designs such as a thin gold bangle or a diamond bracelet. These accessories add charm and grace to your business attire.

  • A thin gold wedding band or a simple ring is okay to be worn, but nothing made of chunky big stones or with ornate patterns. Limit yourself to wearing one at the most two rings per hand. Anything more and you will spoil your business attire.

  • A thin chain which is close to your neck and a small pendant is ok if you want to wear something at the neck. Pendant designs should usually be floral or inspired by the nature such as a leaf, star, butterfly etc. or geometric, rarely cartoon characters. Avoid any accessory on your neck which is long enough to dangle near your cleavage.

  • Small studs as ear rings are great. No dangling or noise creating ear accessory. Also, no multiple ear piercing.

  • Anklets are a big no-no. They simply don’t compliment your business attire.

  • Brooches pinned to the lapel of your coat are a welcome change and create a statement. Avoid too big or elaborate or ornate brooches. Opt for simple designs, not something which is flashy or cute.

Ties vs. Scarves

business woman scarfIf you were a man, I would have said wearing a tie is a must. However, being a woman has its distinct advantages and that is, you could be more fashionable and more comfortable by wearing a scarf instead. Choose a good quality silk scarf, anything in cotton or georgette will look flimsy and unprofessional with your business attire. You could play around a bit with colours when it comes to scarves, for example colours such as deep maroon, wine, teal or dark turquoise are acceptable, however, do not go into bright shades such as yellows, oranges, reds or metallic gold. If you are opting for prints, go in for large or small floral prints or geometric prints (no, polka dot will not be counted as geometric)   – the ground rule should be nothing too conspicuous.

Belts for your business attire

business woman attireBelt is an essential accessory for your business attire. Choose leather belts which are in closest matching colour to your lowers. Usually colours such as black, brown, taupe, cherry and beige are acceptable colour choices. Avoid fabric belts, belts with too much of metallic or stitch detailing, huge buckles and any sort of flashy belts.

Shoes and socks

business woman shoesClosed toe leather or fabric shoes are great and the most preferred with business attire. Sandals, sport shoes, flip flops or anything flashy and fancy is not acceptable at all. Flat pumps are great. Heels which do not make a clicking sound as you walk are preferred. Amongst heels, opt for wedges, stilettos, or block. Anything more than 2-4 inches in height should usually be kept aside for after office parties. Choose dark tan, deep cherry or chocolate colour shoes for lighter coloured and brown bottoms and black for navy, dark grey and black bottoms.
Match your sock colour to the trouser colour, while wearing a pant suit. If you are wearing knee length skirts instead, opt for panty hose – transparent or black, depending upon if your skirt is lighter tone or darker respectively. The panty hose should be without any pattern, lace and should not be ripped or torn.

Office Bags and briefcases

Accessories for business attire briefcaseDitch the everyday bag and don a chic office bag, if you do not like carrying the usual business brief case. The office bag needs to be roomy to carry your basic requirements plus a few of the business basics. Choose a good quality leather bag, the most preferred material for official purposes in basic colours same as the ones discussed under belts and shoes. Pay attention to the buckles and other metallic trims used on the bag – a dull pewter finish or silver finish is more preferable than a bright gold finish.
Last but not the least, ensure that you smell pleasant, are affable, use makeup which is appropriate and maintain a general hygiene – both oral and dental to feel confident and ooze confidence in your demeanours – after all accessories and clothes can only do so much, the rest is spoken by your body language and your personality.
Remember, first impression is really the most lasting impression and wearing the right business attire and teaming it with the right business accessories ensures that people in your company take you seriously and goes a long way in conveying that you mean business and helps  you to move up within the company.


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