Dare To Wear The Eclectic Recycled Neckpieces By V & Y?

I was trying to come up with an attractive title, something that’ll draw you over but not too giving, more teasing than anything. I may have succeeded, you’ll tell me, but the truth is I really wanted you to discover the V & Y neckpiecesScarves that double as necklaces. In a green attitude.
The layered neckpieces are actually made of upcycled t – shirts repurposed and injected into a new, highly fashionable existence. You can wear the neckpieces either as scarves, tighten up to keep you warm and pop out from you jacket or coat but also as necklaces, hanging out to anyone’s surprise and envy. (more after the jump!)
Khaki Orange necklace v y
There’s much to be said about these amazing pieces. That they’re green enough to make it through the most pretentious eco comb, that they’re stylish and highly customizable so that anyone can think of new and personalized ways of wearing them. You can even say that they’re a challenge for your inner DIY fashionista but the truth is they look great as they are and I’d love to try one of them and parade around with it! It’s a soothing balm for my restless scarf wearing fanatic.
white blue t shirt necklace v y
recycled necklace
Oh, and I haven’t told you the best part yet! Alongside V & Y, there’s a new label, also created by Lauren Constantine (who’s a full time stylist besides making her own accessories brand which I completely support and admire!). It’s called El Bow Co and it’s about bows. Hair bows, people! And you know how I adoooore hair accessories, bows and flowers, anything that goes in the hair, really! I can’t leave the house without even the smallest thing hanged in my hair! Check out those Minnie Mouse-ish bows! 
tee shirt necklace
disco headpiece
big head bow black v y
huge bow head 1 neckpieces v y 1 neckpiece v y

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