MLS Miami Bid. We have a dream... Major League Soccer in South Florida!

Since the regretful demise of the Miami Fusion, South Florida soccer fans have been left hungry for the sport. Out of this need for soccer rose the Miami Ultras, a group that backs Miami FC, a second division team, as well as reaching out to the soccer community's youth teams and any event soccer related. But, our ultimate goal is and always has been to bring Major League Soccer back to this area.

We have contacted many possible investors and have news that at least two have spoken or will speak this week about bringing MLS back to South Florida. We are speaking of L.A. Galaxy player David Beckham, who is interested in a team once he retires and Brightstar CEO Marcelo Claure, a soccer fan who lives and breaths the sport.
They are not the only ones... Traffic Sports, owners of Miami FC have expressed their interest as well as other people and groups that the Ultras are in touch with.

The Ultras are committed and we will not stop until we bring MLS back to South Florida!

Enjoy the video:

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