Miley Cyrus worried about Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus has confessed she is worried about how she will cope when her Disney show ends.

The 17-year-old singer said Hannah Montana was her “security blanket” and admitted she treats it like a bit of a holiday.

“It’s so comfortable because after I go off and do 80 shows on tour, I go back to Hannah Montana,” she told US chat show host Ellen DeGeneres.

“It’s easy for me – it’s like a rhythm I know really well. I’m not going to have that easy thing to go back to.

“It’s easy – it’s almost like a vacation sometimes because I go there and I know it so well. Not having that makes me a little worried.”

Cyrus said she was currently filming the final season of Hannah Montana – about a girl who leads a secret life as a famous pop singer.

But she assured fans that the hit show would remain on screens for another year.

“This is our last season we’re filming right now. We’ve got seven more episodes, but we’ve done it in a way where it’ll go on at least another year all over the world,” she explained.

Hannah Montana will still be on the air. We just did the finale of season three and now we’re finishing season four. It’s not completely over yet.”

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