Cornelia Brandt

Name: Cornelia Brandt
Birthday: 20/02/1979
Occupation: Nurse
from Germany
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 83kg Off Season (2004)
Weight 70kg Competition (in 2004)
93kg Off Season at 13% body fat (as at August 2005)

Before she started with the sport bodybuilding, she tried her hand at first in some other sports, like athletics and acrobatics Ex, which should motivate her to a long-standing interest in sport.she decided to register at the age of 18 years, in a gym.

For her it was the perfect balance to her training as a certified nurse. she set herself the goal to bring her body in shape to look sporty and in good shape with the result.
At age 22 she moved to NRW. Here she met her current trainer and manager René de Homont. she has worked and been prepared even before many other athletes in various sports for over 15 years. Soon she worked herself into her weights and her body was changing rapidly.

The following training year, she put about 10 kg of solid muscle mass because she is totally focused on the sport completely.

she scored the biggest success in 2004 in the Ms Universe choice. she reached the 1st place,and won Ms Universe contest in the second year.

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