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The celebrities today have their own style of showing the world their fashion. Some celebrities wear dresses with glamorous earrings, some wears black shirts and skinny jeans, some wears coats with ties and some has their spiky hair styles. She always has fashion statements that are eye catching and attracting.

Celebrities really have their own way of expressing themselves, especially when they want to show the world their genre and style. However, not all celebrities wear dresses, coats and ties some are really unique when it comes to their fashion, one of which is the famous Lady Gaga who always has unique dresses that amazes and surprises people.

Another celebrity is ‘the glamorous’ J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez) who has glamorous and unique dresses that won’t fail to be noticed.

She has won the praises of the critics and she is continuing to show the world her unique and great fashion. These two are just some of the examples of celebrities that have unique and uncommon fashion. Let us continue to enjoy what they have prepared for us. Who might know, another celebrity might appear and amaze all of us with his/her unique way of expression and fashion.

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