Treatment for nail fungus,Nail Fungus Treatment with Nail Polish?

Nail polish is a cosmetic item that is one of the leading in sales. Most females, I bet 99%, will have some polish on their finger and toe nails. This may be just for the purpose of generating an attractive dressing or to conceal an ugly nail that is affected by fungus.
There are a variety of products that have been utilised to make polish. Most of them are on the other hand solutions and pastes made from petroleum byproducts. If you did not know, petroleum or what makes a substantial portion of your gasoline is a fossil fuel. This means that is essentially produced of animal and plant materials that have been compressed in the deep earth under enormous pressure over several thousands of years. In other words, 90% of the polish is dead matter! It is massive structure of carbon.
We all know it, that every single medicine need to have some active ingredient that is reacts against the pathogen or intruder by either destroying its cells or stopping some enzymatic processes. In evaluating polish efficiency in treatment of nail fungus, 1 wants to think about the active ingredient that would be effective in stopping the growth process of the fungus.
The nail fungus is essentially a colony of fungus that has developed and changed the chemistry of the nail plate. It is typically caused by poor hygiene which may possibly also lead to other fungal infections such as athlete foot. Other causes contain weakening of the keratin structure that provides the hard cuticle like nail structure, or poor immunity due to HIV or cancer or diabetes. In the early stages of the fungal growth, the nail plate will develop yellowish color and later progress to green or black color. The nail then disintegrates.
For that reason the efficient remedy is one that will stop the activity of the nail fungus by countering the pH of the nail and the surrounding tissues and also by rejuvenating the activity of the cells.
These abilities may perhaps not be accessible in the nail polish. This is simply because it is mainly a mass of dead matter produced from the carbon. It can not be able to reverse the effects of the fungi. Rather, nail polish may make the advancement of the fungi be even greater by stopping the air flow and oxygenation. The anaerobic fungi will thrive effectively under the masked condition provided by the nail polish.
The only way to convert nail polish into an effective medicine for fungus treatment is by using it as medium to dissolve the essential oils with curative properties.


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