Summer Fashion Japanese Short Hairstyles

If the girls who have the beautiful long hair are envied by those girls who have the short hair, then in the summer, the situation is the opposite. So, which fresh and short hairstyles will be recommended by girls? Let go to see it.

Air Sense Short Hairstyles

The most difficult problem of dealing with the short hairstyles is the hair too close to the scalp, and this makes that the hair lost its sense of vitality. So this kind of hairstyles shaped the three-dimensional sense, full of vitality and fresh.

Shoulder length hairstyles

This kind hairstyle is very suitable for those office ladies, although short-pear swept the moment. A transformation of the appropriate type for a short hairstyle is also very desirable. The very good fashion partial fringe can midificate the shape of the face, fluffy and full of micro-air feeling with a little curly tail add a sense of serenity and style. This summer, in the office with the hairstyles will increase your popularity!

Sweet Romantic Bob Hairstyles

Another sweet Bob hairstyle, use the most exquisite fashion ring or a simple floral to make an updo, the tail will make the hair look even more refreshing in summer. The tail gives the three-dimensional effect of short hair, a handfull hair stayed out of the cheeks on both sides adds  soft feeling, with a pink blush, full of  sweet romantic feeling, whether dating or shopping is very appropriate.

Fresh and Playful Short Bob Hairstyle

Cluttered with fluffy short Bob hair is full of witty taste. The girls who have the trouble of hair care in summer can try this hairstyle. It is simpler to take care of, only things is focusing the docile sense of fringe and the sense fluffy of the whole hair, not only refreshing playful, but also looks much younger.

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