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The easy vibe of summer, ahhh… it is fun to wear all the fashion must that you can wear this summer.  Between taking the day off and just enjoying the summer break. The carefree fashion trend that you can enjoy and strut under the warm sun.  When the sun heat reaches the sweltering heat it is best that you wear clothes that are comfortable and low maintenance . One of the celebrities seen wearing this is the Victoria’s Secret Runway model Alessandra Ambrosio. She  is an avid fan of Seneca Rising’s Holland Romper and along with her is a co-model for the same Company Colin Stuart,wearing VS Neon Piped Sandals for a sunny day strolling and shopping at the upbeat West Village.

Another celebrity spotted wearing best fashion for summer is Helena Christensen at the Manhattan area shopping for the best and latestfashion trend this summer. She is seen shopping with her best girlfriend the pretty Andy who is wearing a bright Cecilia Wrap Dress. Their fashion is a must have for this season its flowery design and the cotton material makes it an eye candy for every fashion fanatics out there. The accessories today however are on contrast the chains are making a comeback and so is the staple flowery designs.


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