Split Hair Ends-Causes & Remedies

Hair Split Ends

Trichoptlosis or split ends is a problem commonly faced by people with dry or very brittle hair. Split ends occur, when the protective layer of cuticle is removed from the tip of the strands. As a result, the hair splits into two or three strands, each two to three centimeters long, at its tips. Although cutting the split ends is the best way to get rid of split ends, the problem would reoccur after the strand grows once again. Therefore, opting for effective remedies for split ends is suggested.

Causes of Hair Split Ends

There are lots of causes for these and they include : Excessive use of hot styling tools, overwashing, chemicals applied to the hair, lack of regular trims, using inferior styling brushes and combs which snag the hair and overuse of sprays and harsh styling products.

How to Get Rid of Split Ends of Hair

- Give regular lukewarm oil massages to your hair, to prevent split ends. While massaging, make sure that you apply the oil from the root to tip of your hair. You may choose coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil for the purpose. 

- In case your hair is extremely dry, apply a shampoo that contains moisturizing cream in it. This will moisten your dry hair as well as prevent split ends.

- Brushing wet hair will not only lead to hair loss, but also remove the cuticle from the strands.Always brush your hair when it is dry.

- Try as much as you can to avoid excess heat, too much brushing and combing. Also invest in quality combs and real bristle brushes. 

- To keep your hair healthy and prevent the occurrence of split ends, you should wash your hair regularly and condition it well.

- Whenever possible, let your hair dry naturally to avoid damaging your ends all over again.

- Use the lowest setting you can with your hairdryer or straighteners.


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