A Revolution in Plus Sized Clothing,A Revolution in Plus Sized Clothing

The end is rapidly approaching for a world in which plus sized clothing is relegated to the back clothing racks, unfashionable and unflattering, making women look old and unattractive. And it’s about time, too! Women who wear larger than a size 14  want to look great every day too, even if they don’t have the budget of Oprah Winfrey or supermodel Emme. Believe it or not, it took until 2010 for a major couturier, Marc Jacobs, to design a line for plus sized women! But that will only be the beginning. A generation ago, the plus sized shopper was older and more concerned with comfort.
Today, curvy women want the choices in style and quality that their smaller sisters have always have, and clothing makers are finally realizing what an important market they’ve neglected. As a result, many bigger women are rethinking how they shop. They’re buying fewer, higher quality items that look great, are on-trend, and best of all, that fit. Plus sized women are in the workforce, they have partners, go out and have fun, and they want to look great too. Breaking the old “rules” about what larger women could and could not wear is a trend that’s showing a lot of people that fashion looks great on a range of sizes.


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