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Rachel Zoe is one style Icon that can make you go “Bananas!” Her phenomenal instinct for what’s hot and what’s not earned her the title “Stylist to the Stars” (one of her most famous costumers is Anne Hathaway) and a slot on prime time TV as a moody, yet incredibly fashionable multimedia diva on her reality show “The Rachel Zoe Project”

Trotting around cities like Paris and New York with an assistant tagging along, Rachel Zoe jumps from catwalk to catwalk to revel in the one thing she loves most: Fashion. Her passion for fashion has helped and inspired die hard fashionistas all over the world and she has generously shared with the masses her secrets for being sophisticated and chic in style and dress.

Rachel Zoe’s Style lies in the subtlety of clothes, believing that sexiness lies in the subtlety and should not be overrated. She also has a penchant for classic cuts and styles with an effortless elegance that’s also down to earth, functional and practical, like having a leather jacket in a cut that best suits your body type instead of following a market trends in style or a knit sweater that goes well with any attire. Trench coats and a good pair of black patent pumps is never out of must- have list! Whatever her choice of clothes, Rachel’s got a signature look that involves bold statement pieces, vintage charms and major accessories!


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