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If you’re a young woman looking for the perfect prom dress, remember: size means nothing, but fit means everything. The measurements used by clothing makers vary dramatically from one to another, so don’t be married to the number on the size tag. If it really bothers you, cut the tag out. Fit is what matters when it comes to how a plus sized prom dress looks on fit.

That does not mean at all that if you’re plus sized your prom dress has to be frumpy and tent-shaped. Makers of the best plus sized prom dresses understand that like women of every size, plus sized girls do not all have the same shape. Some have hourglass figures, some are busty, and some have a fabulous backside. Some have more straight up-and-down figures. And the key to finding the plus sized prom dress that works is finding the dress that works with your figure type, regardless of what the size tag says.
Today you can find prom dresses in plus sizes that are fitted, shapely sexy, beautifully draped, demure, or straight out of a fairy tale. Shops like Sydney’s Closet and CBs Unlimited sell the hottest styles in sizes that fit you, and the prices are in line with other prom dresses. Whether you want a drop-dead gorgeous one-shouldered Greek goddess gown or the perfect, sophisticated Little Black Dress, you can find it. Prom is your time to shine, so go for it!


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