Pictures of nail designs,Trendy Nails Unlimited,Pictures of nail designs,Trendy Nails Unlimited

Trendy Nails Unlimited
Trendy Nails Unlimited (TNU) a new contender in the pre-created nail tip market has arrived in Australia. Straight from the USA, this youthful product has been generating its way about the globe from London to Lima, New York to New Zealand.
Trendy Nails Unlimited was designed by Nickole Orton, an American Nail Artist after growing frustrations with a quantity of other merchandise in the pre-developed marketplace. She set out to produce a product that was not only stunning in design, but dependable, uncomplicated to apply and economical. The result was Trendy Nails Unlimited (TNU).
TNU was created to give Nails Artists the ability to deliver top quality, identical designer nails time after time at a lower cost and with quicker application. This indicates consistent results for customers, and higher margins for Artists.
TNU is a heat applied coating that comes in three cuts suitable for artificial nails, finger and toes. No messing about with cutting and shaping to fit different styles of nails.
The range is applied working with heat from a blow dryer and can be applied with equipment already present in your salon – no high-priced begin up expenses.
A gel or acrylic coating is then applied over the top, ensuring lengthy lasting outcomes in excess of one month.
The general rewards of pre-created ranges also apply such as no chipping or scratching of style, stronger nails less prone to splits and breaks. Plus stunning mirrored metallic finishes unattainable by common polishes.
The TNU range at present has just short of one hundred designs, with new designs added monthly. Plus custom designs are readily available at the request of clients.


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