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 A romantic low, side-swept bun is the modern, chic way to wear a chignon,

 in to this curly, low bun, with her growing-out bangs framing her face.

 a french braid on each side, then twist ends into a low bun in the back.

 Messy side buns. Messy hair styles, really - after a couple of years of

 Hairstyle: low side chignon hairstyle, hair is loose not roll to a chignon

 Side Bun : The classic side bun calls for another great option to carry

 Or, do a low side plait, or work in a cool braid across your forehead, 

 messy side bun hairstyles

 Becki Newton wearing a low side chignon hairstyle at the Metropolitan 

 wears a low, messy bun

 Kim Kardashian's Low Bun Hairstyle With Flicks

 Kim Kardashian's Low Bun Hairstyle With Flicks A side bun is a fun

Becki Newton side bun is the perfect wedding updo

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