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Some of the most popular styles of the season are going to be created with t-strap sandals. These sandals are created in flat and platform shapes and are created with a strap around the ankle, a strap across the toes and a strap that goes upwards on the top of the foot throughout the entire length of the shoe, resembling a popular t-strap. The sandal is a great choice for summer because you can easily choose a flat style, but you can choose to dress up the sandal with the embellishments that are going to be made through the top of the sandal.

When choosing between the popular styles of sandals, you may want to consider T-strap sandals that are created with chains and metal embellishments and baubles throughout the design of the sandal. These styles of sandals are going to be created to provide you with a stunning piece to the wardrobe. Chains are a great way to add one of the most popular styles of the spring and can create an industrial feel through the sandals.

Paired with a simple summer dress, you can create an interesting contrast between the popular t-strap sandals that include chains and other styles of embellishments that can balance with the feminine aspects of the spring wardrobe.


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