Dressing the Plus Size Woman,fashion dresses plus size

Any woman larger than a size 12 is familiar with the challenge of finding something that fits properly flatters her figure and looks good. Long gone are the days when plus size women were satisfied hiding their bodies in floppy, loose fitting dresses.
Real women have curves. Real women want and need clothes designed and made with them in mind. The clothes worn in fashion shows by traditional runway models are not for real women with real curves. They are literally walking clothes hangers, showing off a designer’s idea of what a particular outfit should look like. When those runway outfits are reconstructed to fit normal everyday women, they sometimes only bear a vague resemblance to the original design. That’s because proportions need to be adjusted to accommodate bust lines, hips, shoulders, arms and thighs.
The most reasonable course of action for a plus size woman to take is not to even attempt to have one of those tiny outfits remade to fit her, but to have her own original creation custom made just for her or to visit the salon of a designer who specializes in clothes for the larger woman or a boutique that specializes in clothes for the plus size woman. The clothes at plus size specialty houses are absolutely astounding… making petite women want to go out and gain weight. So go ahead, ladies. Select your outfit. Strike your pose and strut your stuff. You are big and beautiful and you know it!


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