Designers Stand up for Plus Size Women,Designers Stand up for Plus Size Women

It isn’t easy being part of the world of couture and designing for sizes 14 and up, but there are a few designers who are making a stand by designing clothing that isn’t just limited to being worn by less than half of women customers.
Though big name designers like Marc Jacobs have started to realize that reserving designer clothes for smaller sized women isn’t practical in a country where half the women wear size 14 or larger, they are unfortunately still in the minority. Designer plus size clothing is becoming a reality, but so far progress has been slow.
In addition to big name designers like Jacobs, there are a number of up-and-coming designers who focus on making clothing for sizes 14 and up. As just one example, Chicago area designer Shavonne Dorsey creates lines that specialize in plus sizes. She concentrates her designs on beautiful work wear, including flattering sheath dresses and feminine separates.
Canadian designer Mark Fast caused a stir during London Fashion Week , when he included plus size models in his runway show, a move which infuriated one stylist enough to quit. A spokesman for Fast said that he specifically wanted to combat the impression that only thin women can look good in his dresses.
As more designers like Jacobs, Dorsey, and Fast create designer plus size clothing, the tide will eventually turn, leaving behind those who ignore this important customer base.


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