Choose Right Hairstyles For Your Face Shape,Choose Right Hairstyles For Your Face Shape, face shapes, hairstyles, hairstyles for women,

Perhaps you may think one kind of hairstyles for women is very pretty, and you have spent time and money to make the style, but the result is unsatisfactory, even makes you look strange. Why? Because the hairstyle didn’t match your face shape.

So it is important to know your face shape before choosing the right hairstyles. Let’s take a look at face shapes and adjustment which can give you reference to the haircut.

A Round Face: Stay away from round hairstyles because they will make ypur face appear more round. Keep the sides leaner and the hair a bit higher at the top and front to provide balance. An off-center part or some waves at eye level will help minimize roundness. Round faces are better with more square hairstyles.

A Square Face: keep the sides leaner and short, while wearing the top longer and styled a bit higher. Keep the hair clean around the ears and make sure the style mirrors the square shape of the face – this will help make the square face shape pop.

An Oval Face: Any style is suitable as this is face considered the ideal face shape. That said, attention should be paid to other prominent features such as nose and position of the eyes and ears. If you fall into the Oval category, consider yourself lucky as almost any style will look good on you.

A Long Face: A style which is longer on the sides and short on top will make the face appear less long and provide better balance. Go with a cut that has some layers and is worn so the front hairline is disguised. Don’t allow the facial hair to become too long as this will lengthen the face. You can try wavy hairstyles.

A Triangular Face: To balance out a triangular face shape, choose a style that will narrow your forehead area and add the illusion of width to the chin. An offset part with bangs swept to the side can help accomplish this.

A Diamond Face: For the diamond face shape, the goal is to minimize wider cheekbones and balance out a narrow chin and forehead. To do this, opt for a style with bangs to minimize the forehead. Longer shag hairstyles also work well for the diamond face.


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