Asian Eye Makeup Tips,How to do makeup on Asian eyes

Asian eyes are uniquely beautiful with an elongated, sexy shape that is alluring, mysterious and unabashedly exotic (especially when peeping out from beneath a colorful fan). Asian women tend to look gorgeous in eye shadow colors such as shimmery white, charcoal grey, taupe and cobalt blue. If you are Asian with a porcelain, yellow-based skin tone, your color options are endless. Your makeup application, however, requires a little more thought. Here are a few Asian eye makeup techniques for bringing out your best. Try on Asian eye makeup in our virtual makeup studio.

"Asian eyes are expressive, exotic and fun to outfit in bold makeup colors."

Play up Asian eyes by filling in your brows with a brow pencil that's one shade lighter than your natural hair color. Use the pencil to create a soft arch and fill in sparse areas where hair may not grow. This trick appears to enlargen small eyes.
Apply a light colored eye shadow, such as bone, pale pink or white all over the eye area, from lashline to brow. Softly line the top and bottom lashes with a black kohl pencil or liquid eyeliner and run an optional thin line of blue shadow on top of that line, extending upward and outward at the outer corners.
Define deep set eyes by creating the illusion of a deeper crease with makeup contouring techniques. Apply the darkest eye shadow color where your crease would be, just above the eyelid. Dark makeup colors recede an area while light ones "spotlight" and appear to bring an area forward or make it more noticeable.

Since Asian eyes tend to have pin-straight lashes, invest in a heated eyelash curler and coat the top and bottom lashes with black or deep cobalt mascara to really make exotic eyes pop


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