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Acrylic nail art designs
4 Effortless Steps to Deciding on the Ideal Nail

Step 1 – Select the design. From a internet web page or salon some provide over 6000 designs/colours to select from, Or you can style your own.
Step 2 – Choose the style and length of the nail. Select from either
(a) Full nails – normal or lengthy in length
(b) Half suggestions (with properly) or
(c) Toenails
Step three – Choose the base colour – all of our fingernails come on either a white, natural or clear/transparent base.

Step four – Opt for how to apply – all of our nails come with both glue and double sided stickers, giving you the freedom to opt for how to apply.
Most packaged nails come as a set of:

20 artificial nails

High high quality nail glue 1x 2g
One sheet of 40 double sided stickers which are shaped to match the shape and size of your own nails.
Regularly asked Questions
Q: When should I use the double sided stickers?

This application is greatest used for those who only want to wear the nails for a short period or unique occasion, as they can be simply removed. They are safe, comfortable and convenient to use. Double sided stickers are specifically appropriate for use by those fashion lovers who frequently wish to alter their nail style to match their outfit or mood. These nails are also re-useable when applied with the stickers. The stickers have a strong sticking force and are water resistant.

Q: When must I use the nail glue?

The glue is finest utilised for those men and women wishing to wear the nails for a longer period and for those who are applying half guidelines.

Q: How lengthy can I leave the nails on for?

Generally the nails will stay on for at least 3 days with the double sided stickers. However if 1 of the nails comes off you basically add yet another double sided sticker from the sheet of 40 that we supply. Also the sheet of 40 stickers is smaller enough to fit conveniently in your hand bag. With the glue that is also supplyed in the pack the nails will stay on as lengthy as you wish to wear them.
Q: Are there any tips you can suggest to assist in affixing the nails with the double sided stickers?
1. Eliminate dead skin from cuticles
2. Roughen your nails with a nail file – this will give maximum bonding
3. Clean nails with methylated spirits or a nail polish remover that contains no additives
4. Apply the right size stickers and press onto nails

5. Do not get rid of the white leading cover of the sticker for 15 to 20min after stickers have been applied – this will allow for maximum bonding
6. If having difficulty removing the white leading cover off the stickers, use a pin and prick the leading cover, then merely lift the leading cover off with the pin
7. Apply the right size nails – leaving both thumbs till last.

8. Do not get wet for at least 1 hour right after application

Q: How several nails are in a set?
Most sets come with 20 nails of 10 assorted sizes. This makes it possible for you to select the nail size which ideal fits to your own nail size. It also means that if you occur to lose a nail, there are a lot of spares.
Q: Can I buy more double sided stickers?

Yes, you can invest in a sheet of 40

Q: Are the nails re-useable?

Yes, but only when applied with the stickers. A different advantage of making use of double sided stickers is that the artificial nails will not be damaged when they are detached, thus can be utilized repeatedly. So you can wear them just about every time you wear your favourite outfit.


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