21 Ways to Store Your Makeup

Please tell me you’re not one of those gals guilty of keeping your cosmetics in a grungy old zipper pouch that you may or may not have had since high school. If you are … I won’t tell. 
Guilty or not, here are 21 more ways to store your makeup.
  1. Keep ‘Em Dry: Here are a few ideas to keep your cosmetics dry, and moisture kills makeup. Take these precautions, and ensure a long life for your collection.

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  3. Hide Your Makeup from Light and Heat: Here, Makeup Diva talks about ways to keep your makeup safe from light and heat, both of which can cause some serious damage.

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  5. How to Store Makeup Palettes: I love the details this post provides on ways to store makeup palettes and accessories.

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  7. How to Store Makeup Brushes: No one likes their brushes getting smashed or worn — not if they’re shooting for flawless application. Learn to help your brushes be their best with these how-to tips.

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  9. How to Make a Makeup Brush Holder: Go that extra mile with this weekend project, and your makeup brushes will love you for it.

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  11. How to Make a Roll Up Mat for Your Makeup Brushes: This is again for the creative gal — a unique way to make a roll up mat to store and protect your brushes while keeping them organized. What more can you ask for?

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  13. Basic Makeup Organization: Here’s a great guide with first steps you should take to organize a messy collection.

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  15. How to Make Your Own Makeup Case: This is a great idea for makeup storage built to travel.

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  17. Even More Makeup Storage Ideas: An informative video with ideas for putting everything in its place.

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  19. Basic Makeup Storage: Here’s a selection of basic tips to simplify your beauty stash. Simplify your setup.

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  21. Makeup Collection and Storage: Here’s a video from a self-proclaimed makeup storage guru. Not a bad idea at all.

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  23. Organizing an Out-of-Control Collection: You know who you are! If your collection is out of control, get things under control with these ideas.

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  25. Makeup Organization Courtesy of IKEA: I’m a fan of IKEA if I don’t have to put the furniture together, LOL! Check out this video for ideas on how IKEA can help compartmentalize your makeup collection.

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  27. More Makeup Organization Ideas: This video will show you not only how to store your makeup, but also how to sharpen a jumbo NYC makeup pencil!

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  29. Makeup Storage: The Little Pink Box: You know I love all things pink, and this post has great pictures of a gorgeous little pink box used for makeup storage.

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  31. Makeup Storage Ideas Courtesy of Target: Have some of these ideas in mind on your next trip to Target, pronounced Tar-ghay.

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  33. Mom’s Makeup Storage Ideas: This clever mom has lots of great makeup storage ideas, like using a toothbrush holder to hold makeup brushes. Now, why didn’t I think of that?

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  35. Mineral Makeup Organization 101: This post has some sharp pictures and ideas for ways to organize a massive mineral makeup collection.

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  37. Craft Store Makeup Storage Ideas: Be crafty! Here are some great ideas for makeup storage using supplies available at your local craft store.

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  39. Lipstick Makeup Storage: Show of hands from all the ladies who have too many lipsticks to count? I thought so… Here’s a little help!

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  41. A Gem of an Idea: Corral those little makeup odds and ends before they get lost in your purse forever!

  42. tray
These were just a few storage ideas to help get those creative juices flowing… If you have any makeup storage or organization ideas you’re particularly proud of, please share ‘em in the comments. 
I am SO STINKY from my run, so I need to remedy the sitch ASAP. Time for a quick shower before 30 Rock.

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