Wedding Invitation: Points to remember while deciding!

Wedding Invitation: Points to remember while deciding!

Wedding is the most important part of anybody’s life as after getting married, one will be responsible for his/her husband or wife. It is the moment that is the most special and celebrated with love all the way. Preparing for wedding is the most time consuming and difficult part of a wedding as nobody wants to empty their wallets after the marriage is over, so it is really important to plan everything be it the venue, be it the menu of the reception, the wedding dresses and most importantly thewedding invitatin which has it
s own essence to play even before the wedding took place. All these should be done after deciding upon the budget carefully.
Wedding invitations or marriage cards offer a preview of the wedding and create a good impression about the couple. So it is always good to be original on your invitations rather than just settling for the generic pre-written ones. You should write your own invitation to describe how special this event is and how important it is to you that your guests attend the ceremony. Wedding cards range in all prices, styles and designs. You should keep in mind various points some tips from websites likevponsale that may affect your final choice of the card are –
  1. The venue of the marriage – It should be kept in mind that your card must correlate with the type of setting you are getting married in like you may choose a venue in church, beach, outdoor, formal or a casual environment.

  2. Season of the wedding – The season of your wedding has a lot to do with your card as it will be mandatory for you to design the card having a feel of the season in which you are getting married.

  3. Themed wedding – In case you have planned a particular theme for your wedding then you must use the same theme in your invitation as well so that everything properly compliments the overall theme of your marriage.

  4. Photo or symbol on the invitation – If you are about to use any photo or symbol on the cover of your wedding invitations make sure it speaks about you and you fiancée. You might consider putting up your own photo together on the invitation.

  5. Color of your invitation – Colors speaks volumes about the persona and choice of the person so it is really important to choose the right color for your card that can compliment both the personalities of the bride and bridegroom individually.

While the above points will assist you in designing your wedding invitation properly there are things to be remembered while drafting your card as well. Most importantly you must first decide as to who will go to announce the marriage in the card, it may be the bride and the groom themselves or the couple’s parents. Then choose either to be formal or informal in your request. You may choose to write the bride’s name with the full name of the groom using the casual term -’the honor of your presence’ if the ceremony will be held in a place of worship. Finally do mention the date, time and exact address of the location with a map too.

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