TREND REPORT: Don’t Wait Until Memorial Day, Start Wearing White Now

You have probably heard the fashion myth for years to never wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.  I am here to tell you this one is false.  I particular think that this time of year, right before Spring hits, is when wearing white can look the most fresh and modern.  Anyone can where a white pair of pants in June or carry a white bag in July, but a bright white dress worn at the beginning of March or a statement bag in a shade of white over your shoulder just as winter is wrapping up makes a statement of it’s own.
I suggest not wearing white linen pants in February or a head to toe white suite and jacket.  This is just not right for the time of year.  I do suggest looking for dresses that are all in one shade of white and have texture to them.  Think “Grecian Godess”:
If you aren’t ready to go head to toe white another way to get this fresh look is with accessories.  White shoes, bags, and other accents are a fantastic way to say goodbye to the end of winter and get your look ready for the warmer months.  I particularly love to wear a white watch and always have one in my wardrobe ready to wear.
Again, as with looking for white dresses, look for accessories that have texture and punch to them through flourish and detail.  This is not the time of year to be seen with a white canvas or straw bag.  Having white leather bag with interest in the detailing  or a straw bag left over from last season will make the difference between you looking either contemporary or clueless.
Even local peeps are getting in on the trend.  Here is Marrina Maric from LOL/OMG showing us the best way to do a textured white dress and the right way to wear white tights (Marrina is in white, Mara Castillo is the other brunette. Annamarie Saarinen is the blonde.)
. WARNING: white tights are a very hot trend in New York right now but are not for the fashion shy.  Proceed with caution and make sure you know what the hell you know what you are doing when you attempt to wear these.


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