Tangerine and Wasabi,Strawberry and Lime,Gold/ bronze and electric blue,Hot pink and Teal

Tangerine and Wasabi
The pale, muted Wasabi green is a perfect canvas for shocking bright tangerine accessories

Wasabi hued dress. Pic:

Tangerine turban
Tangerine Pumps DSW
Strawberry and Lime

Looks great when matched with accessories but looks phenomenal when this contrasting is done with makeup! Try it to believe it.
Strawberry lips, lime green eyes
Hot pink and Teal
I love how easy, yet shocking this combo can be… Play with textures and prints for a super sexy effect!
Hot pink high waist skirt

Teal blouse
Gold/ bronze and electric blue
Gold anything requires a certain élan to carry off but this one’s a real stylish head turner!
Blake Lively sporting Gold and Blue
Gold printed trousers and electric blue bikini top. Pic: Chictopia

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