Short Hair For Formal Occasions

Short Hair For Formal Occasions

Fancy occasions evoke images of hair in long, romantic waves or chic updos, but what if you have a crop? It may be trendy and easy to style, but it doesn't exactly fit our culture's idea of sophistication. But there's no need to fear that upcoming wedding or school dance. My shorn head is full of ideas.

Whenever I have a formal occasion, I change the texture of my hair. In college, I spent well over an hour straightening my long curls and pulling them up into the perfect ponytail. Now that I wear my hair short and straight everyday, I create texture with a curling iron and flip my bangs out for a date. It's not a chignon, but diverging from your daily look does say that you put extra effort into doing something special.

Pink set an example at the Grammy's with her diamond pin. If you don't have time to switch up your hair or just don't like it a different way, buy a stunning clip or headband. Over-the-top sparkle can be dreamy and romantic with minimal makeup.

If you're still completely amiss on how to style your short cut for that hot date or prom, forgo your hair altogether. Style it nice and wear stunning earrings like Carey Mulligan at the Oscars. They'll accentuate your face and neck and add sufficient glam for the night. Another option is to go for broke with the makeup, but do avoid wearing both large jewelry and heavy makeup or you'll look overdone.


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